The fax machine was first introduced in 1964, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that widespread use of the technology was recognized worldwide. It took 16+ years for industries to adopt its regular use. Implementation of new technology always receives resistance. Then somehow, one day we look up and the technology has assimilated into our daily lives, for us to look around and wonder how we lived a life before without it. Interestingly enough, Botdoc is said to be replacing fax machines. Let’s take a look at this parallel.

The similarities between Botdoc and fax machines are striking. Both transport documents from one point to another. Both encrypted. There are, of course, obvious differences between the two - one being a machine and the other being a software application programming interface (API). With a fax machine, parties on both the sending and receiving ends of the document must own the machine or an account in order for the message to be transmitted successfully. With Botdoc, only one party needs the “system,” for the secure transfer of data, and there are no extra accounts, logins, pins, passwords, or software to download. 

This type of innovation is transformative in the tech industry. Its use is spreading rapidly; but like the fax machine, many who could benefit are resistant to change and integrating it into processes already in place. Human nature wants to stick with what is familiar, and biologically, changing our minds isn’t something that comes naturally. John C. Maxwell said it well when he said “Most people don't like change. They revolt against it unless they can clearly see the advantage it brings.” 

The Botdoc advantage is clear. It’s 2022 - fax machines are outdated. The machines take up too much space in already cramped offices, and the transmission of documents is sloooooow, eating up productivity. Enter: Botdoc. Secure and easy document sending is the future, and the future is here with Botdoc. 

The Botdoc Way

Manual file transfers are outdated for today’s security needs. With these impractical methods, data has to go through multiple checkpoints to get to the end-user, increasing the risk of a compliance violation. 

Botdoc is the first ever easy, remote, and secure file transport service that works via text messaging and email with end-to-end encryption. Our API automatically moves data to the appropriate area within your system of record, limiting the touchpoints of data. Botdoc even automatically purges documents after a certain amount of time, decreasing the risk and time spent purging documents manually.

Our solution is always simple to use because the consumer experience is everything to us. With Botdoc, you’ll close transactions at least 50% faster with no pins, no passwords, no logins, no accounts, no apps, and no software to download—all while having peace of mind.

To get started today, simply schedule a demo and we’ll discuss how the secure “FedEx” of data can help you better manage your bottom line. 

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