Expansion of its Intellectual Property Portfolio Paves the Way for Future PatentsBotdoc, the global leader in Secure Digital Transport (SDT) technologies, today announced the approval for their patent in Japan, which provides a simple and convenient means to send and receive encrypted data. The approved patent, which was originally filed in 2016, allows companies to transport data and documents in and out of their system(s) without anyone ever needing to login to or have access to that system. 

“The need to send and receive information securely is universal, and so are the challenges presented by passwords, pin numbers, and other similar obstacles companies face every day,” said Karl Falk, Botdoc founder and CEO. “Botdoc is opening the door for industries globally to offer higher levels of customer satisfaction, and we’re excited to use this technology to transform business operations throughout Japan.”

Botdoc filed the provisional U.S. patent in 2016, and it was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in 2020. Botdoc anticipates patent expansion in six other countries where the patent has been filed. Outside of Japan, Botdoc also has this patent approved in the EU and is awaiting approval in Australia, India, and Canada.

About Botdoc

Botdoc is the global leader in Secure Digital Transportation (SDT) Technologies.  Powered by patented technologies that allow companies to employ a secure and encrypted channel with consumers to exchange documents, signatures, payments, and other capabilities without the traditional challenges of passwords, apps, logins, or plugins.  Its NOW™ product is, just that, it can be used “now”.  An institution of any size can be up and running in less than 15 minutes.  The Botdoc API can be built into other platforms to transport documents and data in and out of that system without anyone ever having to login to the system the API is built into.  Botdoc is currently built into numerous software platforms, some of which are Salesforce and EPIC. For more information, visit www.botdoc.io.

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