What does Secure Digital Transportation mean?  No we’re not transporting hard drives through the mail…we originally called what we were doing “secure data transport” but then someone asked to if we mailed hard drives…so we changed it to “Digital.”

Secure Digital Transportation

Secure Digital Transport is the concept that a third party can transport (send) digital items over a medium from one location to the next, and do this as a service for others.

Botdoc (www.botdoc.io), is doing just this.  We are picking things up and dropping them off, sending and collecting (return label).  Many of our clients call us the secure ‘FedEX’ of data.  Botdoc is moving things digitally, securely and keeping all the tracking information, just like FedEx does with a package.  So we are transporting data and documents with end to end encryption, which isn’t necessarily novel, except we’re doing it without pins, passwords, logins, accounts, software or apps to download.  Furthermore upon delivery the encrypted container and data evaporate.

There are several benefits of having secure digital transport on one's road map. I'll highlight some of them here and we’ll go into a lot more detail on these topics in future posts.

The following benefits of secure digital transport are what many are calling a secure digital transportation layer for existing systems.

  1. Its more secure. Reducing the attack surface area and segregating the system so external facing layers are separated from internal core systems.
  2. It reduces friction for sending activities read (https://botdoc.io/2018/09/12/sharing-versus-sending-a-difference/)
  3. It reduces infrastructure costs
  4. It reduces operational support staff costs

Over the next 5 years every major company that owns or builds systems and portals will be adding a secure digital transportation layer to their architecture road maps for the above reasons.  Botdoc is pioneering this space.