Any time something new comes along, there will always be naysayers.  I remember the first time I heard the iPhone would not have buttons and all touch screen I said to myself I would never use it.  Makes me laugh now as I have an iPhone and cannot envision using a phone with key pads and buttons.  Just goes to show that when something is new most of us will wait to see, or have to have proof before we do anything.

Early Fax Machine

Which brings me to Botdoc and conversations around Botdoc replacing the fax machine.  Now the obvious is Botdoc is a software API and a fax machine is an actual machine, but when Ed Amoroso wrote an article about Botdoc and compared it to the original fax it made sense.

When you send a fax, you have to own a machine or an account in order to send it to another party that has to have a machine or an account as well.  Works great except no one has fax machines anymore. It fell second fiddle to email and other means, but the one thing the fax always had was that it was a secure and encrypted means of transportation between two points.

So when Ed experienced Botdoc for the first time, he equated it to the first time he experienced a fax in the 1980’s.  Pretty cool for us here at Botdoc. Botdoc doesn't transport documents and data encrypted between two points but the main difference with Botdoc is that only one party needs to have the “system”.  Novel.

If your business (like many financial institutions and medical offices) is still using a fax (yes in 2020!) and is still doing business with a fax or electronic fax then you need to seriously consider setting up a Botdoc account.  Secure document sending is what Botdoc does.  Secure and easy.  Read some of our other posts about how Botdoc is defining Secure Digital Transport as a Service (SDTaaS).