Student Team Helps Transfer Medical Records for Critical Patients

Botdoc, a global leader in consumer experience technology, sponsored a top-ten finalist for the 2022 HackPrinceton event at Princeton University in April. HackPrinceton is a student-run event, and it includes workshops, a lecture series, mentorship, prizes, and games for contestants who participate.

The HackPrinceton participants are fellow hackers from around the world with a common goal to learn new skills and work alongside seasoned mentors. Botdoc sponsored a team of four talented students who developed Hermes, a secure, HIPAA-compliant app that allows hospital administrators to transfer vital patient data to other domestic and/or international hospitals.

The Hermes solution was developed to support the simple and secure transfer of patient information across critically-injured patients that might require admission to multiple hospitals in order to receive life-changing surgery/procedures. The Hermes team utilized Botdoc’s encrypted technology for secure file sending, Botdoc was a proud mentor and sponsor for the HackPrinceton top-ten team. 

To learn more about the winners, visit the 2022 Hackathon Project Gallery

About Botdoc

Botdoc is the global leader in Secure Digital Transportation (SDT) Technologies.  Powered by internally-patented technologies that allow companies to employ a secure and encrypted channel with consumers to exchange documents, signatures, payments, and other capabilities without the traditional challenges of passwords, apps, logins, or plugins.  Its NOW™ product is, just that, it can be used “now.” An institution of any size can be up and running in less than 15 minutes.  The Botdoc API can be built into other platforms to transport documents and data in and out of that system without anyone ever having to login to the system the API is built into.  Today, other than EDI, Botdoc is the only other stateless environment protocol that is HIPAA compliant. Botdoc is currently built into numerous software platforms, some of which are Salesforce and EPIC. For more information, visit

To learn more about Hermes, watch the video here.

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