Botdoc, the global leader in Secure Digital Transport (SDT) technologies, powering the secure digital delivery of data globally, today announced it has been selected by Bank Director as a profiled technology in FinXTech Connect. FinXTech Connect, powered by Bank Director, is a curated directory of technology companies who are strategically partnering with U.S. financial institutions of all sizes.

“We are thrilled to be able to include Botdoc in FinXTech Connect as an innovative technology that supports digital transformation for financial institutions,” said Michelle King, CMO of Bank Director and FinXTech.

“The team at Botdoc is truly honored to be selected as a featured technology on the FinXTech Connect platform,” said Karl Falk, founder, and CEO of Botdoc. “Botdoc is pushing the envelope of what consumer experience is becoming.  Delivering end to end encryption without the need for pins, passwords, logins, accounts, apps or software to download.  This is the core of what we do, allowing financial institutions to deliver a seamless experience with their customers. We plan to provide an easy and useful environment where more banks can improve their customers' experience as all our clients’ close transactions at least 50% faster when they use Botdoc as compared to other secure solutions to complete business transactions with their customer.”

Botdoc’s NOW™ product and API were vetted by the Bank Director’s editorial team, having to prove a history of financial performance, case studies and customer success stories.  It was selected for its unique data transport technologies, giving financial solutions a simple and straightforward solution to transact business remotely.   

A new digital world was granted to the global consumer during covid and is now becoming a new standard and expectation.  As companies search for the new standards in digital the more complex the landscape becomes. Botdoc is becoming a new digital component to the digital future and leveling the playing field for banks and all institutions globally.

Based in Monument CO, Botdoc is leading the global digital transformation efforts of Financial, Insurance, Investments, Healthcare, Legal, Education and many more verticals.  The future will never be the same and the world is on a different trajectory after COVID and Botdoc will be an ingredient of this new future.  If the consumer base will always crave convenience and security being a component of that then Botdoc and SDT will be a part of this new future. 

About Botdoc

Botdoc is the global leader in Secure Digital Transportation (SDT) Technologies.  Powered by patented technologies that allow companies to employ a secure and encrypted channel with consumers to exchange documents, signatures, payments, and other capabilities without the traditional challenges of passwords, apps, logins, or plugins.  Its NOW™ product is, just that, it can be used “now”.  An institution of any size can be up and running in less than 15 minutes.  The Botdoc API can be built into other platforms to transport documents and data in and out of that system without anyone ever having to login to the system the API is built into.  Botdoc is currently built into numerous software platforms, some of which are Salesforce and EPIC.  

About FinXTech

Launched in 2014, FinXTech is a resource powered by Bank Director, which specializes in connecting a hugely influential audience of U.S. bank leaders with technology partners at the forefront of innovation. FinXTech makes it easier for banks and technology companies to work together - through its exclusive in person events, editorial content and online FinXTech Connect platform. For more information, please visit

The Botdoc Way

Botdoc is the first ever easy, remote, and secure file transport service that works via text messaging and email with end-to-end encryption. Our solution is always simple to use because the patient experience and facility security is everything to us. With Botdoc, you’ll close transactions at least 50% faster with no pins, no passwords, no logins, no accounts, no apps, and no software to download.


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