Is there a difference between the terms ‘sharing‘ and ‘sending‘? states there is a difference but software developers don't know there that there SHOULD be a difference.

Sharing implies a login by two parties to exchange information and data, and real-time collaboration to SHARE data and documents.  But over 95% of the business scenarios that employ a sharing technological solution, really just need to SEND.  Sending now with technology like Botdoc is removing one of the parties from the equation, and the new party now on the system can remote collect and send to the other party.

Sharing, with regards to digital technology, is “a digital file or document that can be assessed by specific users for viewing, downloading or making changes to, and Sending is just, to “convey or transfer”, where the sending party no longer has access to the item sent.  It really sounds the same but there is a small distinction that makes a HUGE difference in the cyber world.  And today the terms are being used synonymously and that is causing a lot of problems. Sharing versus sending is not a concept until now.

Sharing is two parties with the same access to the same item (a document) at the same time to simultaneously share information at the same time. But over 95% of the time, sharing is not needed.  Sending is what was really needed, just to convey or transfer the document.  So when we implement technology, we are using sharing technology to convey or send a document.

Some people reading this are thinking I'm crazy and ask what the heck I'm talking about, but let me propose this:

If you are imposing a sharing requirement on a sending situation (let that sink in), your business is not as efficient or effective as you should be. You are putting too much friction between you and the other party.

To better explain, let's suppose you were applying for a loan (car, home, personal or other, doesn’t matter), and your soon-to-be lender asked you to “send” in several documents.  And to ensure security they asked you to upload them by logging into their portal and uploading.  Sounds good. Then the next questions come in from you: How do I set up an account? Where do I go? What app do I download? When I login in, where do I go? Or my favorite “I'm locked out of my account, can you help me?  I’m sure I could have faxed in the items (if I owned a fax) or use some SFTP site. All of these are work but they are not ideal. 

Why?….because they are imposing sharing technologies on a sending situation.

Imagine your lender instead saying I’m sending you a text or email and you can send me back whatever I need without pins, passwords, logins, accounts, apps, or software to download.  And it goes right into your account file…just as if you had logged in and done it yourself but you never had to log in!  And now that document you sent in, doesn’t exist in the Botdoc system.  Once it's been delivered it gets deleted.

Botdoc is using a sending technology to solve a sending problem.  That’s why Botdoc is the future of secure digital transportation.


The Botdoc Way


With end-to-end encryption, Botdoc is the first-ever easy, remote, and secure file transport service. Our solution is always simple to use because the consumer experience is everything to us. With Botdoc, you’ll never need any pins, passwords, logins, accounts, apps, or software to download.

To get started today, simply schedule a demo and we’ll discuss how the secure “FedEx” of data can help you better get precious hours back into your day.