Try to remember the last time you had an amazing experience as a customer. What feelings did the experience leave you with? Satisfaction, comfort, joy? Now, recall the last time you had a negative experience.

Not as nice, right?

Creating a wonderful experience for your customers is crucial to building a thriving, growing business. Happy customers are more likely to become repeat customers who are then ecstatic to spread the word about your business. There are numerous ways to shape the customer experience, with many businesses thinking they can improve it simply by training their customer-facing employees better. Although that’s not a bad route to take, there are more efficient ways to invest in the customer experience. 

In this blog, we will share three ways to evaluate your customer experience so you can spot any weaknesses and be on your way to building an outstanding experience for your customers.


Do you have measures in place to protect their data?

This might not be the most exciting way to evaluate your customer experience, but it’s one of the most important. In today’s world, more and more consumers are growing aware of how businesses are collecting and using their personal information. And, with COVID-19 bringing digital experiences and solutions to the forefront, successful e-commerce fraud attacks have risen. Digital Commerce 360 reported that e-commerce retailers across business sizes experienced more successful fraud attacks in 2020 than in 2019: 

  • Small businesses experienced an average of 7 more successful fraud attacks per month
  • Mid/large businesses with digital goods experienced an average of 76 more per month
  • Mid/large businesses with physical goods experienced an average of 51 more per month.

Fraud can cause your business to not only lose products and money from dispute fees but also customers—which can have a serious impact on your company’s reputation. Potential customers will be hesitant to trust a business with a history of data breaches, and current customers may run to your competitors.

So how can you protect your business and your customers from data breaches? The answer is simpler than you might think. File transfer, the process in which one computer system transmits a computer file through a communication channel to another computer system, is a core part of daily business operations. Whether you’re a bank or a small retailer, nearly every type of business must ensure that the exchange or delivery of data is secure and compliant, and many file transfer systems achieve this by encrypting your data or requiring electronic signatures. Protecting your company’s data is just one way that having the right file transfer system can support a solid customer experience.

Is the customer experience seamless?

The adage stands true: first impressions are crucial. In fact, you can prevent 67% of customer churn by fixing a service issue in your customer’s first interaction with your business. This means that if you can make a strong first impression, you have a better chance of retaining that customer and making sure they’re loyal to your business. 

Now, making a good first impression is more than, say, remembering the customer’s name and saying please and thank you. In essence, there should be as little customer friction as possible. Friction is simply anything that delays a lead from completing the customer journey, and there are several seemingly insignificant ways to ensure a seamless experience. For example, if your customer has to create an account with a username and complex password, receive and enter a pin on their phone, and then answer security questions just in order to sign a simple loan document, they may be turned off by these barriers and consider other options. 

However, an efficient file transfer solution can easily solve this challenge. By reducing any unnecessary or complicated touchpoints in the customer journey, you can get ahead of any customer roadblocks while also providing a friendly solution that works on a variety of interfaces such as mobile, browser, and email.

Are you empowering your team to work efficiently?

What your company is doing behind the scenes for your customer experience is just as crucial as how you interact with your customers. If your employees are bogged down with complicated workflows or don’t have the tools they need to work smart, you’re missing out on significant ways that you can boost the customer experience.

For example, let’s say your employees need to work on a project that involves reliably communicating large amounts of data over a distance. With an inefficient file transfer system, they could be significantly slowed down. If an employee needs to send, for example, an edited promotional video for a client, but they can’t send it through the e-mail server, they would have to find another method to share their work with a colleague. All of this entails a longer waiting time for the customer, which in today’s world of speed and efficiency, could sour the customer experience. A smart file transfer solution, however, would allow your employees to transfer large amounts of data over any distance, over and over again—all while passing these time savings onto your customers.

Transform your Customer Experience with Botdoc

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